How CNA Practice Tests Can Help You

Taking CNA practice tests will help you determine your weak points, thus allowing you to improve on them before you take the actual exam.

You have just completed your studies to become a full-pledge nursing aide. Taking CNA practice exams before the real test can provide benefits for the nursing aide candidates. It is important to become familiar with the questions in the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program or NNAAP. Passing the test will convince the Nursing State Board that you are fit to practice as a legitimate nursing assistant. Practice tests are important in preparations for the NNAAP. All you need is a set of sample questions that can be found online or the CNA library. It is also advisable to follow pointers provided by experts on taking the board exam.

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Useful CNA Test Tips

  • Master the time limitations and length of the examination. The written portion requires examinees to finish the test in just two hours. Answering all the questions within the fixed time can be difficult if you are not used to the correct pace. With the practice CNA test, you will get an idea of the time you will need to spend for each question.
  • The mock exam will point out your strengths and weaknesses so you can make the necessary adjustments and improve on your weak spots.
  • At the same time, it will help you with the pressures of the examination. The CNA practice test will help you overcome the test anxiety and give you more self-confidence. You get a better understanding of the composition and test content.
  • The practice testing allows you to come up with strategies in answering the theoretical component. Keep in mind that most of the questions entail the use of common sense and application of certain principles in nursing care and patient assistance. The simulated exam will sharpen your intelligence and perceive complicated questions.
  • The CNA practice exam can help you in determining your progress in preparations. Monitor the results and evaluate your daily progress. It is also a more enjoyable way of getting ready for the assessment program instead of being pressured endlessly thinking of the actual test.

Actual Testing

Meanwhile, continue reading text books that you used in the CNA training program. Make sure that you have understood the fundamental concepts in your studies. Go on with your review. Try to get a practice exam that is not too easy and opt for those with real clinical circumstances which bear a resemblance to the real test situation. Get sufficient rest the night right before the NNAAP. Your preparation should be done mentally and physically. Eat the proper food so your mind will be clear as you answer all the questions in the actual exam. Read, understand and evaluate each question with great care. The written phase is made up of 70 multiple choice questions which are relatively difficult. Proceed to the next question if you are stuck on the present one. This will use up all your time so move ahead. You are almost there and will be a step closer to become a certified nursing assistant.