How to Get Free CNA Training?

Students lacking financial resources can turn to free CNA training programs, whether online or through traditional classroom settings.

Nursing students can acquire CNA free training from any reputable institution which provides training for interns. The training component is given to candidates who have already completed formal classroom education. It aims to strengthen students’ skills and make them more familiar with the health care environment. If you are interested, start looking for these organizations of medical facilities that offer such programs.

free cna training guide

How Free Classes Work

There are free CNA training online as well as traditional classes. The training programs for certified nursing assistants depend on the state or institution conducting the coaching. Interested individuals are encouraged to visit nearby nursing facilities for this free CNA training. Almost all states have the nurse aide registry portal which contains information about the classes, training and CNA certification. Classes run from six to four weeks on full time basis although there are part time or weekend classes for those who are currently employed. It puts emphasis on skills development and following the completion of the final course, the institute will provide you a certification for nursing assistant.

In the same manner, free CNA training classes are offered by certain hospitals and medical institutions. All you need to do is enroll to avail of this opportunity. You can research on CNA online portals to obtain more information regarding these programs. There is no need to earn any special degree for nursing assistant certification. However, a high school diploma is required along with basic knowledge about the pros and cons of being a nursing aide. It is also advisable to check out the accreditation of the institution.

Other Important Concerns

Applicants should be at least 18 years of age and U.S. citizen or green-card holder with 6th grade reading, speaking, and writing capacity in English. The ideal candidate must not have any criminal record and capability to lift a 200-pound patient as well as the willingness to work as a nursing assistant. Go through local classified ads for nursing jobs and reply to any free training for CNA advertisements.

Come up with a listing of all highly-regarded skilled nursing care facilities in your area and get in touch with their Human Resources departments. Inquire about the complimentary training programs since large nursing homes offer 3-week courses. The trade-off is that graduates must work either full-time or part-time for the facility.

Likewise, call local community colleges and inquire regarding free CNA training programs from the health careers department. Contact the education or Human Resources of hospitals in your state and request information on how to get free CNA training. Most of these hospitals can refer prospective students to smaller agencies that offer free home health aide coursework. The local Red Cross chapter is another source of free training options. Red Cross charges minimal tuition for their programs but their coordinators will surely know of free opportunities. Lastly, contact your state’s Department of Labor and ask about regular job training programs. Low-income residents are usually extended free training for CNA by way of state education facilities.