Your Free CNA Training Options

These free CNA training programs will provide you with the education you need in order to become a successful certified nursing assistant.

Working as Certified Nursing Assistant can be a gratifying career. Nevertheless, it may not be possible to find employment unless you complete the necessary training program in the state where you plan to get a job. You have to finish all the academic modules and clinical practice before earning the certification. The key is to find CNA free training if you do not have enough money to pay for tuition and other fees.

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Options for Prospective Nursing Assistants

The initial move in looking for free programs is to coordinate with local employment firms since these agencies usually know the organization that offers this kind of training programs.  Companies offering free training for CNA will train students and provide them with work upon successful completion of this course. A number of facilities are even willing to give candidates some form of remuneration while attending the training sessions. Unemployment agencies in various states also offer opportunities for free CNA training classes if the candidate is not employed. The cost of schooling will be paid for to give students better chances of finding work as nursing aides.

Assisted living homes and adult centers require a lot of nursing assistants so many of these entities offer free CNA courses for qualified young individuals. Some adult facilities even advertise these free courses on the Internet and local newspapers. Basic requirements generally consist of age which should be 18 years and above; fundamental skills in mathematics and literacy; high school diploma or GED exam results; fluency in the English language; and, proof that you have no criminal record. Students should spend at least 120 hours of classroom instructions and practicum for free CNA programs. The final step is to take and pass the state certification board examinations.

As repayment for not paying any tuition, the nursing assistant is asked to work for a particular duration which can be for as long as one year. This will be part of the contract for not spending anything during your training. Once the employee leaves the nursing home before the contract expires, he or she will be compelled to return the whole amount.

Other Possible Sources

You may also be able to avail of free training for CNA through scholarship grants financed by the Department of Public Health in each state. The scholarship will answer for the costs of the paid program. Some hospitals will also agree to give you free schooling provided you sign a contract with them and work in that institution for several years. The free CNA training is a practical means of becoming successful in this profession. You can grab this opportunity and the possibility of advancement if you meet the necessary prerequisites. Check out all the likely sources of relevant information to earn an entry-level nursing assistant education. Go through newspaper advertisements or online promotions and ads for free training opportunities, academic scholarships and other forms of assistance to help you in pursuing a nursing aide education. You have to be resourceful in discovering this bag of opportunities.